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Raptors on the edge of the city dump

During the week a friend told me she had been down to the city dump to shoot eagles – with her camera of course. It has been bitterly cold recently, and so I haven’t been out to do much photography but on Saturday I bundled up warmly and went in search of the elusive raptors.

It turns out they aren’t that elusive – with more than a few handfuls of the birds perched in the trees surrounding the dump. Unfortunately, without a very long lens, they aren’t as easy to photograph as I had hoped. As quiet as I tried to be, as soon as they heard me or saw me coming they would fly away – in the opposite direction, with the trees in the way.

After traipsing into the trees, and waiting as quietly and patiently as possible I did manage to capture a few shots, although they didn’t come without misfortune. While walking along a deer path the snow gave way beneath me and I fell. Obviously I protected my camera, but fell forward onto my hand, twisting my shoulder (I know, weird, right?) Anyway, the photos were worth the pain. We will see this week if a visit to the doctor is necessary or not …

High Checking me out On approach from the dump Coming in to land Flying away Soaring Surveying the land

5 thoughts on “Raptors on the edge of the city dump

  1. Nice bird, now show me the dump! (whenever I see footage of citeis around the world, never mind if it is a romantic comedy of a thriller or documentary, I always notice the garbage truck, the recycling bin, the waste skip and so on 🙂

  2. Well done on these. I wish i ever found raptors. Also good on protecting your camera. I’ve fallen down twice while out with my D7100 and 28-300mm lens. On neither occasion was i valiant enough to protect the kit, instead falling on it on the first; and, on the second, hearing it thud down next to me. Fortunately Nikon make’m tough!

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