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Random: The Motherlode

I live right across the highway from Motherlode Wash and Quick Lube. And I’ve always chuckled at the name firstly, and the fact that it is a “Car and Dog Wash” secondly. How do they wash the dogs, I wonder? Just strap them to the front of a car as it goes through, and let those giant brushes do the rest? And how did they come up with the concept? “Ah, we are washing cars already, why not dogs too?”

I shot these at 9 o’clock at night, at -15ºC. And it was cold, okay! I think my nose hairs may even have grown icicles… All this suffering for the sake of “art”.

Motherlode Wash
Motherlode Wash
Car and Dog Wash
Car and Dog Wash
Quick Lube - but not quick enough for that thing in front.
Quick Lube – but not quick enough for that thing in front.

3 thoughts on “Random: The Motherlode

  1. The name Motherlode comes from our gold mining heritage. As in “I struck the Motherlode”. As for the dog wash. It is a small room by the office. Has a wash table made just for dogs – even has a ramp to help them get onto it. Why – because we already have the heated water etc to do both dogs and cars.

  2. Scarily enough if I was to let them, I have had people who have wanted to use one of the high pressure wands to wash their dog at the same time they were doing their car. “I just want to rinse him off a bit”. Um no! (They thought they would save money). If anyone has ever accidentally got their fingers in the spray they would understand why, you will cut yourself with the water. (I have cut myself with the water) Can’t imagine what would happen to the poor dog.

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