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Of fire and ice

It’s not like I’ve never seen snow before, but I really am excited about this coming winter, and the photo opportunities it’s sure to bring. I guess I’m especially excited because I’ve never lived in a place with as much snow as what people are telling me we can expect. Because all that snow means I can rediscover old haunts (as I mentioned in my previous post) and see this city I now call home through totally different eyes.

This evening, for example, I had half an hour to kill downtown and so decided to shoot Quesnel’s Old Fraser River Bridge again. I drove over and scrambled down the slippery slope to the water’s edge. I’ve photographed the bridge before here and here, but never with snow about, or from this angle.  Again, I was not adequately prepared – as I had left my tripod at home – but I made do: balancing my camera on rocks cleared of their snow. All four of these shots were taken with 30 – 60 second exposures, between f/8 and f/16 and at quite low ISOs.

The time? Shortly before and after 7pm.

Fish-eye view
Fish-eye view
Snow covered rock
Snow covered rock
A bridge and water droplets
A bridge and water droplets
Portrait of a bridge
Portrait of a bridge


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