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Drama Queen

I was thinking of naming this post “How to do the poultry look” but that was too obscure; too much of an inside joke. Then “Canadian Beauty” crossed my mind – but that was too clichéd … and I used it yesterday. There could have been a title including the word “kaleidoscope” to describe the colours, and emotions and variety of hackneyed poses struck by my most expressive of models.

But “Drama Queen” is the most apt – describing “K” to a T.


There are days when inspiration washes over me and I just have to get outside with my camera. Monday was one of those days. I’m so tired of shooting plain old Autumn landscapes, trees and leaves though, that I persuaded “K” and her mother “A” to go shooting with me – “K” to model for us and “A” to practice her photography.

(Does anyone else feel as if this just turned into a scene from Men in Black?)

Fortunately A’s camera battery died early in the shoot, so she got the privilege of being my pack mule – lugging around my reflector and all my camera gear, while I got to boss “K” around. It turns out that she only knows one model pose and that her “sultry” look is easily mistaken for anger or something to do with poultry (again, that inside joke. I am sorry!)

In two of these shots I tried a really cool technique where you shoot multiple images and then stitch them together to form one image with an incredibly narrow depth of field. I haven’t completely mastered it, and I didn’t have the ideal lens for the job, but I aim to keep trying. Of course, I had plenty of fun post-processing these (changing contrast, colours etc.) too.

And so, without further ado: an impromptu photo shoot with a teenage drama queen. (Click on pics for regular images.)



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