The old and the beautiful

Yesterday Old Man Sam and I headed out to snap some fall pics at the Cottonwood River – in all its colourful glory. But we never quite made it – getting stuck at an auto wrecker on the way. He took pics of some of the old cars and buses we came across – even crashing through the floorboards of a shed while trying to get creative.

Me? I decided to concentrate on the cars’ insignias. I love how people can photograph exactly the same things and yet see them completely differently.

I give you the full vehicles here and there just to set the scene …

(Click on images for slideshow.)


4 thoughts on “The old and the beautiful

  1. This should be somewhere that hot-rodders pillage! There are spares… whole vehicles which could be restored or cannibalised. There’s even a ’29 Model A in that lot!

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