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Autumn has arrived in all its golden glory

Yesterday evening I slid on my old, trusty, cracked sandals and took a walk from home, around the back of the church, down to the creek and back home again – all to clear my mouldy lungs in the bracing just-above-freezing-point Autumnal air – fairly gulping in the golden, pink-tinged, flame-red exquisiteness that is Fall … its brilliance in stark contrast to the pallid, hoary winter hiding just out of reach; a frozen finger-tip away.

Lil Moose in the Fall
Lil Moose in the Fall
Aflame in the softball outfield
Aflame in the softball outfield
Leaf on the mermaid rock
Leaf on the mermaid rock
Losing her head
Losing her head … (The girls were called away to supper before we could set this shot up properly, or play with more locations.)

So, what’s the story with the previous photo, you may ask. The other day, while walking home I decided to stop to speak to a neighbour:

I say, “Hi, I wonder if I might borrow your daughter one afternoon this week.” (Yes, I do know them, don’t worry. It’s not just some random neighbour.)

“Sure,” she says, “what for?”

“Well, I would like to do a photo shoot with her and one of her friends.”

“Great, of what?” she asks.

“Well, I want to do a series of trick photography of headless children in the playpark. It will look really cool!” I say.

She’s silent…

Her 9-year-old, who has been listening to the whole conversation, then chimes in: “Mom, that sounds so fun! We can invite A. She already knows Robin so she won’t think it’s weird.”

But I think it’s weird!!! her mom replies …

Grasses in focus
Grass in focus
On the muddy trail
On the muddy trail
Dusk sky
Dusk sky
Choices, choices.
Nearly home
Nearly home

8 thoughts on “Autumn has arrived in all its golden glory

  1. Aaah well, she obviously didn’t think it was THAT weird, seeing as she allowed her to go along with your crazy idea …
    Anyway, really stunning atmospheric pics of where you live. You must love living in such a beautiful place!

  2. Hi Rob,
    At last we have your new address – have really missed seeing all your pics and reading your anecdotes since you left SA. Those autumn colours are beautiful – something we don’t experience down here at the coast! Hope you are okay over there and that things are going well. Looking forward to your next series of pics. Love and God bless, Jean.

  3. I love the fall pictures very pretty, for some reason, the grass is one of my faves. Haha about the headless kids pics and the mom’s confusion, lol. As a mom, I wouldn’t be able to help but think…….ok I know this guy he seems harmless enough but with the headless pics……..hmmm, no couldn’t be, but what if….. there is a hidden maniac…….no I’m being silly. (Think I watched to many scary shows as a kid, lol)

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