About capturing the important little things for posterity

Does anyone out there agree with me that photography has kind of got out of hand?

What with every boy and his grandmother now owning a smart phone (or camera), we’re being bombarded with photos on social media platforms and blogs (yes, I too am occasionally guilty) of everything from engagements to picture-perfect weddings with the bride soaring on a swing as her hubby looks on all doe-eyed; of celebrities twerking and cute kittens frolicking; of parties and posturing, selfies and sublime scenery; of ill-fitting dentures and irrelevant travel snaps. We’re being drowned by a flood of out-of-focus drivel and treacly-romantic snapshots …

And I love photography … Imagine how those Philistines who are completely ambivalent to the art must feel under this assault to their senses!

Recently I was visiting friends and saw one of those baby announcements on their fridge – you know the one: airbrushed, with husband and wife caressing her gigantic belly … I gagged when I saw it, but decided then and there to do one of my own – using my friends as models in their dining room.

If you ever had one of these taken, and are now sitting there trying to think up a suitably-indignant response, may I please ask you not to? I’m not mocking you – I’m making fun of the concept, of the industry, of … (do I really need to explain myself further? Seriously?)

I love to laugh – raucously and regularly. But I don’t laugh enough. Most of us don’t. But this is funny (isn’t it?)

(Now that I think of it, if you know any of these people, perhaps this time don’t let them know that I blogged about them. I do still value our friendship.)

The original baby-on-its-way announcement
The original baby-on-its-way announcement (and my inspiration)
My version. Much better, don't you think? Wa ha ha ha ha!
My version. Much better, don’t you think? Wa ha ha ha ha!



7 thoughts on “About capturing the important little things for posterity

  1. Funniest thing I’ve seen since the last funniest thing I saw (let’s just say it was a while ago). I do find these photos a bit cringe worthy sometimes. It’s not that I have anything against pregnant women and impending parenthood etc. But I think about when my mum was pregnant with my sister and I see the photos of her at that time and they were all taken by my sister’s dad, at home with my mum looking like a regular pregnant lady (and beautiful of course!). It was lovely because it was just a special thing for us and was so much more intimate. These days it seems like one pregnancy belongs to half the human population

  2. bahaha! classic.
    I agree with you – photography for posterity is completely out of hand… it wont stop me from posting my own photos on my own blog however.

    but, ‘those Philistines who are completely ambivalent to the art’… what does that even mean?

  3. love it love it love it!!! You are absolutely right. Photography used to be an art, and it took a lot of work to get to that perfect picture and you never really know if you’d really gotten it, and nowadays anyone can do it with a bit of work. And we all take WAY too many pictures.

  4. It bugs me that people think buying an expensive camera makes them an instant photographer. Like not just taking a lot of pictures, but thinking they have a business. Although, what do I know? Maybe with the snazzy cameras we have nowadays, you don’t need any learnin’ or talent?

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