Beauty in the broken

It seems I just can’t stay away from the old burnt-out church on the Indian Reserve. I’m sorry, that’s not very politically correct of me – First Nations land. Last weekend when friends Russell and Helen came for a visit from Edmonton she asked if we could go out to take some photos (having seen the series on my blog a few months back.)

We drove in at dusk and were met by the man who lives out there, and a dog.

“Hi, we’re from out of town, may we quickly take some photos of the church,” I asked.

Fortunately we were in a car with Alberta plates, which strengthened my case for being from out of town. And my accent works too. He nodded and and headed into his home followed by the dog, which seemed as happy to have us on the land as his owner was.

This time I wandered to the other side of the church and even went inside. Only one stained-glass window remains, but it made for some divine photos.

As I was leaving I found an old ladder in a hidden nook leading up the steeple, and started climbing it, but after becoming snagged on several nails decided to leave that adventure for another day, with older clothes …

(Please click on images for bigger versions).




5 thoughts on “Beauty in the broken

  1. I wonder what stories that church could tell! Next time you must maybe interview the guy and tell us a bit more about the church’s story. It just seems so intriguing … this tiny little broken-down church in the middle of nowhere …

  2. Love these! I have lived here for nearly 24 years and have never seen it close, I think I am going to have to one of these days. It has always been something of curiosity though and yes it would be interesting to know the history of the place . , it kind of reminds me of the “Old Stone Church” in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. I saw it when I was a kid. I always thought that it had never been finished because the builders were killed by the natives before it was done. Now reading about it I see that is not true, lol. But it has always held a lot of mystery for me. You would like photographing that one also.

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