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The one where I shot a concrete company

Last week I made a special trip across the river, through downtown Quesnel and out past the big three mills on an adventure of note – to find a new vantage point from which to shoot. Google Maps had pointed me between the Tolco and Canfor mills up into what looked like an old quarry. But all the “Private Property” and “No Entry” signs left me a bit jumpy. I didn’t really feel like ending up on the wrong side of the law … and so I resigned myself to a photography-less evening and pointed the Green Beast for home.

But the sky – all pink-streaked and wispy – just wouldn’t allow me to retire without at least attempting at least one series of shots! Fortunately United Concrete & Gravel was only a short detour from home. Hopping their high-security gate (which consists of a chain dangled loosely across the entrance) I headed into the lot, remembering to wave at the security camera as I scurried past.

The light was perfect; the place raw, gravelly, muddy and real …

Hold on, hold on! Put your phone down, there’s no need to call the RCMP (that’s the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to lock me up for trespassing – I know the owners and I had told them I would be over some time to take photos after hours when the light was good. We are building a play park at the church from scratch – rocks, balance beams, a climbing wall, tree houses … It’s all very exciting really, and United has been an integral part – transporting the boulders, digging holes and donating the concrete for the tree house foundations, as well as giving us all the pea gravel we need … And, judging by the numerous photos of little league sports teams and other community projects on their walls, this isn’t their first act of generosity.

My series of photos was just a small way of saying thank you for all they have done for us. I hope to go back soon to do some more – with everything and everyone polished up and posed. For now you get to enjoy the rough shots.

(I won’t begin to try to caption these … the machinery, trucks and other tackle found in a concrete factory and gravel pit are about as foreign to me as the innards of a hairdressing salon.)

600_2828 600_2830 600_2842 600_2846 600_2853 600_2855 600_2862 600_2871 600_2876 600_2886 600_2893 600_2913


7 thoughts on “The one where I shot a concrete company

  1. So lucky to know people like that so you can go and shoot in their yard .. awesome .. love the heavy machines with that lovely light in the sky .. one of your best sets.

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