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When will these lake visits ever end?

So, I think I have probably mentioned at least once that summer time here in Canuckistan is “lake time”. The Canuckistanis make full use of every public holiday and summer’s day while they can. After all, winter and snow – lots of it – comes all too soon.

In keeping with summer tradition then, on Tuesday evening I headed out to Bouchie Lake to have a barbecue with friends from church. Last time I visited our host’s home I forgot to take my camera. This time I more than made up for that and you, once again, are the beneficiaries of the results. I do apologise for forcing even more pretty pictures on you. You really should stop reading right now if sweet, beautiful photos offend you.

You’re still here? Okay then.

… After supper I took a quick jaunt on the lake in the canoe with wheels strapped to its stern.

The guy in the speed boat seemed very worried about a lone man paddling around on the lake, a huge camera slung around his neck. Again, I had to explain that I was taking photos because it’s what I do; that I blog and that (in my opinion) I am relatively harmless. It seems as if I’m getting a bad reputation in this town about being something of a paparazzo or weird stalker-type …

What to do? What to do? Learn to be even more surreptitious, I guess.

(Sure, click on the images for rectangular versions.)


8 thoughts on “When will these lake visits ever end?

  1. Surreptitious?? With that camera? Pfffhahahahahaha.
    Such sweet shots…you aren’t getting all sentimental in your old age are you?

  2. How much would you charge me to teach me how to use my camera? 🙂 I talked to the conference photographer the other day and he told me, “Don’t take this wrong or anything, but try “Photography for Dummies!” Cracked me up! That actually might be a very good idea!

    1. Well, you could fly me down there and I would give you one-on-one tuition. 🙂 I have found that one learns best by doing, rather than reading in a book… But that’s me.

  3. I have noticed that you don’t seem to be blogging here anymore. Why is that? I can think of 3 reasons:
    1. You dropped your camera, and can’t bear to blog without photos.
    2. You don’t have internet. I doubt, however, that this is the case.
    3. You can’t concentrate with the sound of the ‘little lamb’ above you, thundering on the floor.
    Let me know. I suspect number 3. Bye.

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