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Shooting pigs, pigeons, snowbirds & other things

Before you all jump on the bandwagon to lambast me for blogging about barbaric activities like hunting and killing and the like let me just interject to say: PPTHHPTHPFFTHPPPT!!!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest let me explain the title in as many words as possible, but not so many that you leave without reading any further.


On Saturday a bunch of us got together at a friend’s farm to shoot – clay pigeons, little steel targets (in the shape of pigs, ducks and deer) and then more clay pigeons. This was a family affair – the older kids and a few of the women joined the men shooting, and the little ones went horse riding, played in the creek and other places one plays on a farm. It was a scorcher of a day but we still managed to shoot more than a few hundred rounds.

Now, I understand that guns are sometimes abused – I come from South Africa, a country with one of the highest violent crime rates in the world. I realise too that recent shooting tragedies loom large in our society’s psyche but that said, guns themselves aren’t bad and hunting does form a very real part of this community (as I believe I’ve mentioned once before).

I haven’t done much shooting since my airforce days in the early 1990s, but I picked it up quickly and had a ball. Especially without the bellowing voice of a drill sergeant in my ear telling me what a useless shot I was.

That’s covered the shooting of pigs and pigeons, so what of the snowbirds then?

Well, on Sunday after church, we drove across to a hill overlooking the Fraser River, with the airport in the distance, to catch the Quesnel SkyFest from afar. We were too late to see the ear-splitting CF-18 Hornet display, and all the other trick planes were kind of boring from so far away, but eventually the Royal Canadian Air Force’s 431 Air Demonstration Squadron’s nine CT-114 Tutors (commonly known as The Snowbirds) roared into view. How fortunate we could just exclaim, “Here come The Snowbirds!” rather than “Here come CT-whatsits from the long-winded, highfalutin Canadian squadron”, as we grabbed for our cameras to try to shoot them.

As I already said, they were a bit far away, but I did get off a few shots. We watched for as long as we could before rushing off to the next engagement – our regular Sunday afternoon social softball at church, which I wouldn’t miss for anything.

All most enjoyable as far as weekends go, I must say.

Now lets see if you can make it through all the photos!


11 thoughts on “Shooting pigs, pigeons, snowbirds & other things

  1. I’m not sure if the photos are randomly placed each time…but in my view, the “triathlete” is taking aim at 2 very sweet little bums!!!! Hahaha..nice shots..(I mean, in general, not the aiming at the girls’ bums…) 🙂

    1. I think it may even be higher here in Canada. But yes, gun crime is much lower. That’s possibly because everyone has to go on a safety course first. And kids grow up learning to handle guns well.

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