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Quesnel Rodeo 2013 – not entirely black & white

A couple of weeks ago I posted some photos of the Barrel Racing and other rodeo people at a competition that took place in town on the weekend of July the 19th. I didn’t have space for pics of any of the other events back then, but today I decided to fix that. So, without further ado, here’s my take on the cowboy culture of the 47th running of the Quesnel Rodeo (the 2013 edition, of course). And, just for fun, I decided to present most of them in black and white.

(Feel free to click on images for bigger versions.)


9 thoughts on “Quesnel Rodeo 2013 – not entirely black & white

  1. Your rodeo pics rank amongst my favourites – thank you!! Michail would do anything to ba at a rodeo – he is already planning his party for next year (April!) in much detail already: Cowboys and Indians!

  2. Like I said on the other post, bull doggin’ is my favorite event, However, I love all the roping events. Mostly because I love watching the horses back up into the stalls, hunker down, and bunch themselves up ready to spring out of the gate at the exact right instance.

    I also really love when the various animals have been rodeo-ing for so long that they just “know the drill.” Like the bull that will buck like crazy and then as soon as the cowboy falls or the whistle blows, he stops and trots off to the gate. Then again, when that happens you don’t get to see the clowns do their thing, which can be heartstoppingly entertaining.

  3. Some of these are insanely good. Like how you’ve shot some at really quick shutter speeds, like 1/1000 to freeze motion; and maybe even more some that you’ve captured at 1/50 to emphasise motion. And B&W maybe takes one back to those old western movies. Awesome!

  4. Incredible!!! The heart and intensity and movement all captured! I feel like I was there! You should sell them to the promoters 🙂

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