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Shooting a pulp mill at night

This is my first attempt to photograph one of the many mills here in Quesnel – in this case, the Cariboo Pulp and Paper Company because it was closest to my home. I went out at 9.30pm, once again without a tripod (I am working on acquiring one) and tried a few long exposures … The mosquitoes are still out in force, and I look forward to Autumn when there shouldn’t be as many around. For now I’m reasonably happy with the results.

I am, however, seriously irritated with the state of my image sensor. Sure, I frequently change lenses but I have never experienced a sensor get as dirty as mine is now. Ever. I cleaned these images up to some extent in post production but I am at a loss as to what to do to remedy the situation long-term…

Cariboo Pulp and Paper (greyscale) f/22, 10 seconds, ISO 100.
Cariboo Pulp and Paper (greyscale) f/22, 10 seconds, ISO 100.
Cariboo Pulp and Paper. f/22, 30 seconds, ISO 100
Cariboo Pulp and Paper and passing truck. f/22, 30 seconds, ISO 100

9 thoughts on “Shooting a pulp mill at night

  1. Great shots. I bought a pretty decent tripod on Amazon for $20 and it helps on these long exposures a lot. For hand held, these are fantastic. I tend to favor b&w for this kind of shot.

  2. b&w is absolutely my favourite .. very impressive moody image. Wasn’t 5000 images (or so) the magic number with D600 – at which point Nikon should clean sensor – and after that shouldn’t be much more of a problem?

    1. Quite possibly, Derek… Unfortunately no Nikon anywhere near to me, and can you imagine me sending it off to be cleaned, and being apart from it for weeks? In fact, I don’t even know if they would touch it here in Canada, what with it being from SA. I’m going to (gasp) try to clean it myself…
      (Oh, and I just checked – I have somehow managed to hit 20 000 actuations already. Talk about happy snapper!?! I think it may be time to take a break from it all.)

  3. I am browsing around for a cover picture for my phd thesis and I really like the one above in b&w. My thesis is related to the pulp and paper industry (in Sweden, mainly). So, my question is if I may have your permission to use it? If so, you will of course be acknowledged in the thesis.

  4. I work at Cariboo Pulp and love your photo. Could we use your photo on a poster for inside our shop? We will give your photo appropriate credit on the poster.


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