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Barrel Racers and Other Rodeo People

How does one sift through 100-odd photos and choose just four, say, to post? I can’t, and so you are being blessed with many more than four.

Yesterday I went to the 47th Annual Quesnel Rodeo – which forms part of British Columbia’s rodeo circuit. Wild Cow Milking and the Wild Horse Race were absolutely manic (and fun to watch) but my favourite event of the evening – photography-wise – was definitely the women’s Barrel Racing event. Here the ladies, junior girls and pee wees needed to race around three 45-gallon drums, in a clover leaf pattern, as fast as possible, with the fastest rider winning. There were time penalties for knocked-over barrels.

Of course, no series of my photographs would be complete without “people” photographs. As I said once before, if you know anyone featured here please let me know so that I can send them copies …

(Feel free to click on images for bigger versions.)


18 thoughts on “Barrel Racers and Other Rodeo People

  1. These are exquisite shots – definately rating as my favourite of your Canukistan collection collection so far!

  2. Hi! First time I have commented since I have been following (thanks to Helen Dean’s suggestion) but wanted to say wow! These photos are gems! And the skill of catching high speed action like that is appreciated by anyone who’s tried to do it. Notable mentions for me are also the sleeping cowboy and the little cowgirl on her plastic horse! Well done!

    1. So many new things to photograph, how can I not be? (I said when I got here that if opportunities came up to try new stuff that I would try not to miss them…)

  3. that first shot of the two girls is now my favourite of all your photos. ok, well, at least the ones outside of Mada. 🙂

  4. Random reader from Texas here. I found your blog by accident a couple weeks ago and love your stories and pictures. I love barrel racing at the rodeos, but my favorite event is the bull doggin’ (or steer wrestling). Do they do that in Canadian rodeos?

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