How’s the serenity?

This last weekend we packed up and took ourselves off to the  annual church camp out at Chubb Lake, north of town. With over 80 people present, including a whole horde of kids and a few dogs, it was anything but serene (most of the time) actually.

I have yet to learn to act my age, and tried my darndest to keep up with the children, teenagers and young adults as they zipped down the water slide, took to the lake at every opportunity, swung from the dangerous-looking Tarzan Swing, shoved each other off the floating dock, capsized kayakers, bobbed about in “diaper life-jackets”, played volleyball, table tennis and board games until the wee hours of the morning and “braaied” (barbecued) too many marshmallows. I just loved the whole vibe of the camp, which included lots of activity, plenty of laughter, and very little sleep. On the last night we even enjoyed a pretty impressive fireworks show – to celebrate Canada Day.

I am not, unfortunately, and as many keep reminding me, as young as I see myself sometimes – I don’t listen to the law of bloody common sense, that says I should act my age. My aching muscles are a very real reminder of that but I doubt whether I will start listening to aforementioned law any time soon!

Of course, I had my camera semi-permanently attached to my shooting hand. Because memories a year or two from now will be important. And because people, no matter how much they protest, really do enjoy seeing photos of themselves!

Amidst the activity there were also a few moments to catch one’s breath, to stop, and to drink in the beauty of God’s creation – to appreciate a sunset, or a buzzard floating overhead. (I know it’s clichéd, but what can I do?) And there were many moments for the forging and strengthening of friendships too – because that’s what the church family is meant to be about …

(Yes, of course you can click on the images for larger versions.)


6 thoughts on “How’s the serenity?

  1. Lol … pale Canadians, I have to say that there are pale South Africans thrown in the mix, 🙂 It looks like so much fun, glad I went because after looking at the pictures, if I hadn’t been there I would have wished I had.

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