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The Graduates’ Procession

Finally, after the Graduation Ceremony itself and the photos in the park, we arrived at the business end of the weekend: the Graduates’ Procession and Ball.

The procession saw the graduates parading their partners and outfits to friends and family strong (or loony) enough to endure the sweltering heat of the East Arena. (“Has Canuckistan never heard of air-conditioning,” I kept asking myself in a semi-delirious, torpid state, brought on by conditions reminiscent of the Zambezi River basin in a December heat wave.)

Some of the graduates looked as if they were about to faint in a heap, so nervous were they, while others (like our two graduates) were actually quite entertaining.

Without further ado then, herewith snippets from behind the scenes, and a tiny taste of the procession itself.

(Click on photos for larger versions.)

At 9pm the graduates finally got to go to their Ball – in the West Arena. I was a bit disappointed in the décor, and saw only finger-food, but the grads apparently had a blast, or should I say “a ball”?

And so ends my reporting on my first-ever graduation – of the Correlieu Secondary School grade 12s here in Quesnel.

The Ball hall
The Ball hall
The theme was "Hollywood". Here, our graduates' names on their very own Walk of Fame.
The theme was “Hollywood”. Here, our graduates’ names on their very own Walk of Fame.
The Belle of the Ball
The Belle of the Ball

2 thoughts on “The Graduates’ Procession

  1. We Canucks are a thrifty lot. Why go through the expense of installing air conditioning when we may only need it two or three days of the year? 🙂 I bet most of the year that arena has ice on the floor and one would be required to navigate it with skates on.

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