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Train Graffiti

While out and about photographing town a few nights back I passed by the train tracks and decided to pull over to take photos. As I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog, Quesnel is at the centre of the logging industry – with several large pulp mills, sawmills and fibreboard plants in and around town. Although the railway station was closed to passenger trains in 2002, most of the finished wood products are sent out from here by rail – making for quite a busy hub.

I approached from the north, after photographing the Quesnel river and rail bridge, and so didn’t see the numerous “no trespassing” and “do not cross rails” signs. It was late (between 9 and 10 p.m.) and so there was no sign of life; no loading or unloading; no shunting or squealing of wheels on the steel rails …

Although the graffiti is not particularly awe-inspiring up in this part of the world (graffiti artists are clearly in short supply) I still thought it was worth capturing on “film”, along with the beauty of the dormant carriages and tracks.

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8 thoughts on “Train Graffiti

  1. “Rain Sucks” – what a thing to lament in graffiti on the side of a train… 🙂
    Colorful, interesting shots. I really like the small area of focus in these pics. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Can’t say as I care for the graffiti but the perspective from the tracks, the sunset over the one rail car and the flowers speak to me. One of the reasons that so many towns have murals on their big walls is to deter graffiti artists. But done well, I think that graffiti can be beautiful also. 🙂 Thank you once again for risking life and limb!

  3. Beautiful. Such a pitty that one has to be a trespasser to get these images. When i was a kid … if we were guilty we never knew … this makes me think of the heart-breakingly tragic, but beautful, Stereophonics song “Grafffiti on a train” …

  4. Those little flowers on the tracks are gorgeous! I just love it when flowers appear in all the random places, instead of in a manicured garden.

  5. Several years ago a friend of mine took some pictures of graffiti in Dundee (Scotland); they were mainly a collection of weird faces. I might see if I can dig them out and feature them on

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