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These Canucks are crazy, I tell ya!

So, before I moved over here to Canuckistan I was told that everyone was absolutely charming. Of course, all Canucki adults are polite as punch, but I was informed that the teenagers and children were all most lovable too. And I do appreciate a disciplined, delightful youngster.

Since arriving at the beginning of the month I’ve experienced some strange phenomena, however … not every day mind you, but just enough to leave me worried. I’m not sure if these occurrences are caused by some until-now-repressed zombie gene (formed years ago from the foul-smelling stuff pumped into the air by the pulp mills) or just because everyone has had enough of my camera stuck in their faces …

But when I do try to photograph the kids, these are the results. A retired milkman (who obviously has much experience in the human condition) informed me today that I probably wouldn’t make it to winter at this rate. All I know is, I’m willing to die trying.

Zombieland 1 Zombieland 2 Zombieland 3 Zombieland 4 Zombieland 5 Just cheesed off! Zombieland 6 Zombieland 7 Zombieland 8 I've got a booger up my nose! Get-outta-my-face!And finally, the cutest zombie of them all:

Zombieland 9


9 thoughts on “These Canucks are crazy, I tell ya!

  1. 1. Hold your camera casually at waist level.

    2. Look away from them.

    3. Shout ‘Hi!’ to someone on the side of the room where you’re looking.

    4. Click.

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