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Trolling with some reel experts

To troll: Fish by trailing a baited line along behind a boat

As a child I went fishing with my father – with rods from the beach or rocks around Nature’s Valley (in South Africa). But I wasn’t very good at it  – not nearly patient enough to sit still and wait for the fish to bite. My brother, I believe, was much better at it than I, judging by old photos of him proudly posing with his catches!

But on Sunday evening some friends asked if I wanted to go fishing with them after church.  I figured, seeing as I was in a new place and I was enjoying trying out new things, that I would, of course. We drove out to Ten Mile Lake north of town, launched the little boat and then pottered back and forth across the water for hours, our lines trolling behind, searching for unsuspecting Kokanee and Rainbow Trout.

Brian, the other rookie, caught two fish and I had several bites. I then caught one, and he caught one more. Finally I caught a second – which was to be my final catch of the evening, and which made me the butt of many a joke (especially by Ed, who was baiting my line). Brian snapped his reel off his rod while striking at a nibble, but was having so much fun that he decided to keep fishing.

“My bruises will heal!” he would cry out in pain every time he had to reel in a fish.

Amazingly, we left the lake with nine fish in all. (That makes five caught with a broken rod.) The Colinator was kind enough to steer the boat, try to find the best channels and net the fish while we got the glory of holding the rods.

Even though I wasn’t the most successful fisherman Ten Mile Lake has seen, I had fun, took some sweet photos and at least served as comic relief for the other three. As I write this, all nine (fish) are carefully being smoked in Brian’s home-made oven in the back yard.

Bucket o' worms
Bucket o’ worms
Baiting up
Baiting up
The first catch
Brian’s first catch
My first fish (I had the camera, so I couldn't model it.)
My first fish (I had the camera, so I couldn’t model it.)
Bottom of the boat after catching three fish.
The bottom of the boat after we’d caught three fish.
My rod
My rod
The other three occupants ...
The other occupants …
What it's all about - being in nature, enjoying each other's company ... and catching fish.
What it’s all about – being in nature, enjoying each other’s company … and catching fish.
The Colinator.
The Colinator
Waiting patiently
Ed, waiting patiently for a bite (after I switched the rod for my camera).
Packing up
Packing up
While heading home just after sunset.
Heading home just after sunset.

13 thoughts on “Trolling with some reel experts

  1. Michail, our home’s only true enthusiastic fisherman, is very impressed with Oom Robin’s success! You have a fan!

  2. I am super-impressed they got you to sit still in a boat for that long. Wow. Even with no females around to watch you….wow. 🙂

  3. When I get to Canada again I’d better get shots like these or I will be sorely disappointed! Some beautiful captures.

    1. Just need to see much insurance will cost me every month, and if that’s affordable then will get it to a mechanic to check out and fix up … and then it is probably a done deal…

    1. Ha ha ha… Sorry, I ended up having a bite or two and then leaving my share at Colin’s house… I hear Elissa can’t get enough of the stuff!

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