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Real life in Quesnel: Volunteers

I now live in the town of Quesnel, in British Columbia, Canada. I’ll try to begin describing the town in more detail in the next few weeks, but for now I thought I’d feature one group of people with whom I was privileged to spend an evening, just days after arriving: the Quesnel Volunteer Fire Department.

My friend Brian is training to be a fire fighter, and so he took me along to one of their training exercises. The department consists of about five full-time and 40 volunteer members, and operates out of three fire halls in and around Quesnel and Red Bluff. It offers a complete training programme that provides a new recruit fire fighter with the knowledge and experience to safely engage in fire fighting duties. This training takes place on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings (as many of the volunteers work shifts at the local saw mills). I attended the exercises last Tuesday evening …

It’s this comprehensive training and clear camaraderie between the volunteers and full-time staff that makes this department so effective.

This is real life in Quesnel.

(Click on photos for bigger versions).

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