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Memories …

… or madness?

I’ve always had a pretty good memory. But on my trip down to the French Riviera last week I started questioning whether my memories really were my own, or whether I was completely losing my mind.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I first stayed in the house (below) in the 1980s, when I spent a year in Europe as an exchange student. I have been back to the house several times since – and this is where the problem came in: I recollect experiencing things with people who have never been there with me. I remember exploring the woods behind the house, including the abandoned stone building, with children … and dragging wood back home for the fireplace. Except that I’ve never been there at the same time as any children.

Then I have further flashbacks of walking the narrow roads in Grimaud with friends I only know from South Africa …

The final one, which seemed as real as if it had really happened, was of the next door neighbour’s house – the one with the three big trees – from out front. And yet, I’d never seen the place from inside the yard – only from the driveway from afar.

I’m told that I probably dreamt all the things I just described – very vividly – and that my mind is confusing that with things that actually happened. Either that or I’m slowly slipping down a steep slope towards early onset dementia! I’m seriously hoping it’s the former …

The house
The house I’ve known since 1989.
Lunchtime with former host mother Hélène.
Swing in the back yard
Swing in the back yard – where children who were never there with me used to play.
Shoes ready for walking
Shoes ready for walking. (Just because it’s a cool photo. It has nothing to do with my memories.)
'Abandoned" house in the hills
The “abandoned” house in the hills.
A house down the road
A house over the hill, which I’d seen with people who were never there.
Chez les Boscarys - neighbours down the road
Chez les Boscarys – neighbours down the road … This one I don’t remember at all!
Nextdoor neighbours
Next-door neighbours. From out front. Why does this seem so familiar?

7 thoughts on “Memories …

  1. Haha … I think you’ve been living with Pa for too long! Thx for posting the pics … it looks like such a beautiful place to spend a week’s holiday.

  2. Mmmm…is there maybe a link between these “memories” and how much red wine you have been imbibing???? Or maybe it’s all that French cheese!

  3. I have exactly the same problem with memory, and it has been getting me into severe trouble since I was in school. That’s one reason for the lack of bio detail on any of my web sites – I have no idea whether any detail I give is true or false.

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